Glass+Bell Piano Studio

GLASS+BELL Piano Studio is a boutique music studio lead by two principle pianists, friends and educators, Anna von Urbans and Joe Guthrie.

Our idea began with the vision of a vibrant, dynamic program – a studio designed exclusively for the pianist, as well as being classical in its focus. We imagined a place that celebrated the innate gifts given to every child and adult. It’s an idea that is fundamental to our philosophy and we like to think that it contains a bit of magic. With this as a source of inspiration, we start with the premise that every student of the piano is unique, and that the most fruitful rewards from the journey will be achieved through engagement with the student and a deeper grasp of music and piano playing.

We believe that the aspiring pianist is the only focus, not the maximum number of enrollments. Instead of uninspiring method books that take away the natural energy that resides in every student, we build an individual, curated curriculum designed for developing the pianist and to give him or her the tools needed to make a beautiful sound and a compelling piece of music. We believe it is important the student gets to know the composition, the composer, the musical style, the musical forms through the experience of playing it. By tapping into the imagination of the student, music is discovered and created with the understanding that proper technique and theory are the bedrock of the experience, allowing for a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of the art. Seeking to deepen our knowledge, we travel the world participating in festivals and master-classes, bringing our deeper understanding of the art back to our students, placing many of our pupils in the realm of national and international festivals and competition. We start at the beginning, with a spark of curiosity that leads to an adventure, a journey into the ocean of classical music that exists and the instrument itself, the piano.