Life, my project.




My life is my beautiful project. I keep it under a cloth, in a room devoted to art. When time permits, I enter the room, remove the cloth, judge how far I’ve come, and resume work. Definition emerges like the moon from clouds. I stand back. I am surprised by the object that my life declares itself to be. When I am gone, it will remain.

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  1. Andre Da Vion Tate says:

    It was really nice getting to know who you are finally. I remembered one day you ask me about my dog riding in my Limousine…
    Its always an honor meeting an “True Artist… who’s as beautiful outside as she is inside… in view of your poetry…
    I’m a new fan as I take in
    You and Maria Demina performing ‘West Side Story’ also one of my favorites
    Ciao1 Andre’

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